Drilling and Well Servicing

Sector Snapshot

With tight project timelines, high standards of quality, and constantly-evolving knowledge, the Drilling & Well Servicing sector demands excellence across the board. Kuiper works through our subsidiary companies, OCB Oilfield services and OIM, bringing best-in-class service to major offshore and onshore drilling contractors across multiple geographies, with over 1,500 contract personnel currently deployed and managed from our various geographic locations supporting local content and payroll requirements. From integrated crew management to ad-hoc requirements and permanent placements, Kuiper provides people who are capable of working under pressure with short lead times, while upholding stringent quality and safety standards.

Our Expertise

Drill Crew
Rig Manager | OIM | Toolpusher | Driller | Assistant Driller | Derrickman | Roughneck | Roustabout

Support Crew
Crane Operator | Deck Foreman | Stores Person | Materials Coordinator | Doctor/Medic | Radio Operator | Control Room Operator | Painter

Maintenance Crew
Chief Mechanic | Rig Mechanic | Motorman | Chief Electrician | Rig Electrician | Hydraulic Technician | Electronic Technician

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