Offshore Construction & Subsea SURF

Sector Snapshot

Diverse, demanding, and driving high stakes, the Offshore Construction & Subsea sector is growing rapidly. From small to large scale onshore and offshore construction and subsea operations, Kuiper’s personnel have successfully participated in, and executed, many of the highest profile projects in the sector. These include Chevron Gorgon & Wheatstone, Shell Prelude, and Woodside Greater Enfield. Kuiper’s experienced and reliable specialists provide upstream and downstream support, increasing operational efficiency, and providing a total resource solution for the full project lifecycle.

Our Expertise

Subsea SURF
OCM | Bridge Supervisor | Lay System Supervisor | Deck Supervisor | Rigger Foreman | Leaderman | Rigger | Lay Technicians | Crane Operators | Welder/Rigger

Offshore Construction Crew
Superintendent/OCM | Shift/Bridge Supervisor | Barge Foreman | Deck Foreman | Anchor Foreman | Control Tower Operator | Tow Master | Derrick Operator | Crane Operator | Rigger Foreman | Leaderman | Rigger | Scaffold Foreman | Scaffolder | Welding Superintendent | Welding Foreman | Structural Welder | Pipeline Welder | Welder Fitter | Line-up Operator | Bevel Machine Operator | Chief Mechanic | Mechanic | Chief Electrician | Electrician | Machinist

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