OCB Oilfield Services: Capabilities and Services

OCB was launched in 1999, and is now an established player in the oil and gas service sector, with a client portfolio of prominent oil and gas asset owners and operators of international repute. Completed projects are spread across expansive and diverse geographies including the Middle East, East and West Africa and South East Asia. OCB delivers excellence in service through competent, reliable and credible crews, and offers seamless, integrated crew management services to clients wanting to outsource their entire Human Resource function.

OIM: Capabilities and Services

OIM brings sixteen years of industry experience to projects, coupled with an impeccable safety record and consistent service delivery. As a pioneer in the integrated resource management approach, OIM has provided seamless solutions, delivering safety-oriented crews with minimal lead time to Oil and Gas operations in multiple geographic regions including Africa, the Middle East, South and South East Asia, and South America.

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