Driller – Technical Questionnaire

As part of our selection process, you’re about to embark on a test designed to assess your skills and knowledge relevant to the role you’re applying for. Below are some important details to help you understand the test structure and what’s expected:

  • Passing Score: To successfully pass this test, you’ll need to answer at least 70% of the questions correctly. This threshold has been set to ensure that candidates meet the high standards required for the position.
  • Test Duration: You will have 20 minutes to complete the assessment. This time limit has been carefully considered to allow you sufficient time to thoughtfully respond to each question.

Please Note:

  • Once you start the test, the timer will begin, and you must complete the test within the allotted time.
  • Answers will be automatically submitted when the time expires.

The results of this test will be sent directly to the recruiter coordinating this hiring process. Rest assured, regardless of the outcome, this is but one step in our comprehensive evaluation process designed to identify candidates who are most likely to thrive in our organisation.

We wish you the best of luck and encourage you to approach this test with confidence and honesty.

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