Joining the company in August 2019 has been one of the best moves I could have made.
Kuiper has allowed me to progress within my position, and helped each step of the way. They deal with each employee more as a friend rather than a number, which gives you the safe feeling of knowing you’re being dealt with more personally.

Andy Farquharson
Offshore Operator, Kuiper Group - UK

Since I started working for Kuiper Group, I have been kept busy and utilised in different roles which has allowed me to showcase my skills and develop in the offshore energy industry.
Communication between the office and offshore workers before, during, and after jobs is the best I have ever dealt with and the Kuiper staff are all very professional and friendly.

Robbie McGee
Offshore Operator, Kuiper Group - UK

We put personal safety above all else. We appreciate that we work in a deadline and target-driven industry but will never compromise safety priorities in meeting these.

Adam Moss
QHSE Manager, Kuiper Group

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