Services We Offer

Contract Recruitment

Our Contract Recruitment Services respond to your changing needs by providing specialist personnel on a temporary or project basis.

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Permanent Recruitment

Access our vast database of international talent to find the most suitable, highly-specialised candidates for long-term roles.

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Payroll Services

Seamless payroll and accounting solutions built on top-tier technology, and managed by an experienced, international in-house payroll team.

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Integrated Crew Management

Fully integrated turn-key solutions handling end-to-end crew management to lower your costs and increase your operational efficiency.

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Training & Competency

We manage complete training and competency life-cycles to ensure your crew have the knowledge and skills to perform at their best.

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Travel & Logistics

Agreements with major airlines and collaboration with industry leading travel agents ensures a smooth visa and mobilisation process.

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Looking for a world class crewing solution?

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